October 10 & 17: Computer Security Classes

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got_rootWhen: Friday, October 10th & 17th: 7pm to 9pm
Cost: $10 donation appreciated
Members Only?: No!
RSVP: Required (See below)

Computer security wonk Vincent will teach a two-part class on computer and internet security. Learn how to protect yourself online. A $10 donation is requested from all those who are not paying members or work-traders.

October 10th class – Got Root?

Skilled hackers can exploit software bugs to gain total control of a computer system. Buffer Overflows, SQL injection, Command injection, Cross Site Scripting, Cross Site Request Forgery, Path name traversal, network sniffing, trojan horses and other techniques exploit software errors to give an attacker access to your systems.  This class will explore these techniques with an eye to prevention.

RSVP required at EventBrite: got-root.eventbrite.com

October 17th class – The Web

The internet is a dangerous place.  Celebrities aren’t the only ones getting their data stolen. Learn some of the things you can do to protect your computer and your data.  How to use encryption, strong credentials, multiple factor authentication, and other methods to protect your data, or at least limit the potential damage of software flaws discussed in the first class.

RSVP required at EventBrite: the-web.eventbrite.com

NOTE: Participation in the first class, “Got Root?” on October 10th is NOT required to take this class.

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