Metal machining classes are back!

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mill_bridgeport_303pxWe are happy to inform you that we are back on track for offering metal machining classes. Come learn how to safely operate our Bridgeport mill and/or our metal lathe! Which machine you’ll learn during this first class will be determined by consensus between the instructor and the students. Then subsequent classes will alternate between the two. In theory you can earn your “machining permit” in under a month! You do have to attend these classes in order to use the machines unsupervised. For those with prior experience, you’ll be afforded an opportunity to test out early in the class without having to attend the whole time. Just mention it to the instructor.

Classes are limited to 3 people per instructor/class! We do this so we can make sure you have sufficient hands-on time with an instructor right there to assist you!

To attend the class you must be wearing the following ordinary clothing:

  1. Closed-toed shoes or boots.
  2. Shirts that are not too loose (entanglement in a machine is a safety issue!).
  3. No ties, aprons, or “dangling” objects.
  4. Long hair must be restrained in some manner such as a hat/hair-clips/ponytails tucked into shirts/etc.
  5. Safety glasses are available for free at Xerocraft.

We ask that non-members make a $10 donation but it is not mandatory. However, if you do donate you’ll be making it easier for us to continue to offer wonderful classes on many subjects at little or no cost to you!


Please consider joining us and learn to express your creative abilities!

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