Sunday, August 17: Mannequin Building Workshop

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logoMake A Mannequin To Fit You!

When: Sunday, August 17: 10:00am to 11:45am
Cost: Free, $10 donation requested. RSVP required (see below)
Members Only?: No!

This class will teach you how to make a mannequin that is dimensionally exactly your size! Why would  you want to do this? It allows you to place your garments on a mannequin where you can easily and quickly alter and adjust the garment to fit you better!

Guys, this is for you too. We know about that Star Trek/Star Wars costume that doesn’t fit just like when you were in High School!

RSVP is required! Please reserve your seat(s) here.

You are asked to bring a T-shirt…

Xerocraft will provide everything you need except for one “close-fitting” sacrifical T-shirt. It doesn’t have to be completely snug, but should be approximately your size. You will be covering it with duct tape and then it will be cut off of you to be made into a mannequin template.

Donations are graciously accepted for this event.

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