Patrick Marcus’s “Exigo” Kickstarter Has Launched

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exigoPatrick Marcus is the man behind Maketopolis, Tucson’s first Makers’ Fair. Now he has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a new breed of USB charger that charges faster and supplies greater wattage to each of 4 USB ports.


From the Kickstarter campaign:

“The Exigo is the fastest, most intelligent and powerful four-port USB charger for powering all of your mobile devices.

The Exigo is designed from the ground up to be the absolute best charger available.  The highest quality, most advanced technologies, unrivaled performance and robust design leaves nothing on the table.  Boasting 3.0A on all 4 ports for 66W of total capacity – the Exigo surpasses all other chargers – even the one that came with your device.”

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