Busy Open Hack Saturday

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Xerocraft really got it’s hack on during the first of December.  Loads of things happened!

Leeloo soldered a mintronics Blinky kit (bought at Radio Shack):

Leilue makes a Blinky.


Unfortunately, she could not reprogram the Blinky from the computer monitor (nor could anyone else):

Trying to program from the computer monitor.


Dangerous Dave taught a woodworking class:

Gang of men in goggles.


Josh designed and 3D printed small Xerocraft logos for the keychain:

3D printing keychain prototype.

Small Xs for keychain.


Conner 3D printed a cube for aluminum casting:

3D printed cube with sprues.

He then made a wooden box, in which he will place the cube, to pour plaster around it, for casting purposes:

Conner making a wooden box.


Kyle showed off his 3D printed iPhone case:

Custom iPhone case.


One of the things that only 3D printing can make.  Jeremy moves the kinetic sculpture — Gyro the Cube — which Karl bought from Shapeways:

Nested cubes spin inside each other.


We started making a bicycle generator, to power lights (and maybe video projectors or portable 3D printers — they have full concerts in San Francisco powered by bicycles):

Parts for bicycle powered electric generator.

Kyle brought his homemade generator in.

Vince began adapting the exercise bike stand to power the generator.


Leon and friends made a piñata to promote Mexican American studies (like last year):

Creative piñata.


Leilue made a 3D design in Tinkercad, and tried to print a small version on the Ultimaker.

Leilue begins the 3D design in Tinkercad.

The finished design.

Unfortunately, the Ultimaker stopped printing halfway.  Otherwise she could have walked away with the 3D object she designed, inside of an hour:

Halfway 3D print.

After a whole year in our own space, Xerocraft is steaming ahead at full speed!

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